The Valletta Convention was ratified by the UK parliament in 2001. The Florence/European Landscape Convention (ELC) was ratified in 2007. The UK has not signed the Faro Convention.


Download Valletta Convention brochure .pdf

Full text of the Valletta Convention on the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage (revised, 1992. The original treaty was signed in London, 1969): 143 valetta convention.pdf

Download ELC Florence Convention brochure.pdf

Full text of the ELC/Florence Convention (2000): European Landscape Convention.pdf

Proceedings of the ELC/Florence Convention 10th Anniversary workshop. Case-studies of how the treaty is being implemented. ActesFlorence-fr-en.pdf.pdf

Download Faro Convention brochure.pdf

Heritage and Beyond: proceedings of a 2009 meeting on the Faro Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society (2005). Includes full text of Faro Convention in Appendix. PatrimoineBD_en.pdf

What is Preventive Archaeology? ...‘preventive archaeology’ as understood in English emphasizes very well the modern principle of heritage protection that is to foresee and avoid destruction rather than undertake excavation (be it rescue or salvage) of archaeological sites in development-led archaeology.” Proceedings of a European meeting at Vilnius, 2004: EPreventiveArchwebversion.pdf