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The European Landscape Convention (ELC) provides a definition of landscape that is in line with current academic and professional thinking on the historic & natural environment. The concepts of the ELC and Valletta need still to be harmonised with England’s national planning policy framework (NPPF), and put into practice through local planning policy.


Archaeology & Conservation: the Political Landscape

A one-day workshop on heritage legislation and planning policy: Download the event notice

Notes from the event have been sent to attendees. A two page summary will be available here.  

An intended outcome of this workshop is to produce a submission for the Culture White Paper consultation, which is to have four themes:

1. The role that culture plays in creating places that people want to live in, work and visit, and how heritage contributes to vibrant, healthy communities across the country, and how the Government can support them to do that.

2. Building financial resilience in cultural organisations and institutions through new funding models, to enable them to survive and prosper in a tough economic and financial climate.

3. How people are engaging with culture. How do we ensure that everyone can learn about and through culture, and get the right encouragement and opportunities to experience and participate in cultural activities throughout their lives.

4. Working with our cultural institutions promoting Britain abroad, in our relations with other countries and international organisations, and to support trade, exports, inward investment, inbound tourism and presentation of cultural artefacts.

Links to documents for the workshop are here: